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Goodbye South Pole, Hello Style.


It's Over! I know, I SUCKED at blogging this season, forgive me please all you totally awesome people!

I also have a website now! Check it out! Not much now, but give it time...

So Where in the world is Shaun!?

For the last few days I've been living in Christchurch New Zealand, drinking and causing general mayhem with the rest of the winter overs.

Day one in Christchurch.


That pretty much sums it up.

Day 2 - Chilled with the Bomb-ass Emma Wells, I love running into buddies in random places!!

Day 3 - Day trip to Akkora, Basically the coolest place ever, 2nd to foco. NZ rocks.

Day 4? 5? Kinda blended together - I left for the Airport at 3:00AM after an AMAZING dinner. Oh. the food. It was good.

Day 5! so, I stayed up all night in NZ so I didn't have to get up early and possibly miss my flight. I watched half of a REALLY bad movie on the plane about some guy who was destined to be a assassin. How many times are they going to make absolute crap like this? There must be a crazy huge demographic of cubicle-dwelling losers hoping that they are really superheros. Rant. :-D

Day 5.. continued. I take a bus to Melbourne's Southern Cross Train Station, wander around with a wicked heavy pack until I get a tram (light rail for the Colorado Folks) ticket for the week. Once I have my ticket and I know where I'm going I hit the First Hairdresser. Wooo! I'm fast now! check out facebook for the photo!

The Apartment! SOOOOOOOOO Great... It everything I hoped it would be, Big, generally awesome, etc. Dropped my crap and hoped the tram back into the city center. (5 or 6 blocks)

Money to burn....

The Crown Casino. Woo, yea for 18 as the gambling age! I hit the casino and headed straight for the craps table. Working my way up to the high-roller's room... :-D

First day I threw down 20 and walked away with 90! I was stoked.

So I headed back to my hotel, planning on crashing early because I had been up for 30 some'od hours at the point, but before I did I passed a Internet Cafe. I remember that I have an MSN. I check and a bunch of my Oz buddies are online, but who else? Kerry from Foco, now living in Melb, 5 min later I'm on my way to Melb Uni. multiple pitchers, pints, cigars, and a 16 KM EPIC trek to the beach, It was TIME TO CRASH.

DAY 6!

So I didn't have plans until 7:00 when I was supposta meet up with some old Parkdale buddies from when I was an exchange student here. I wandered around doing the tourist thing for a while, then at 5:30 I headed over to the crown, our meeting place and... once again headed back to the craps table. I threw down 90 and lost. Can't always win! So then I started thinking that I better now show up with what I had on. (old shorts and a T-Shirt that said '100% Rugby' Misleading to say the least. So I went shopping! I did it. I went to the designer store and had someone leading me around. try this, try that, how that? Awesome. So $350 I had a pair of jeans and 2 shirts... I KNOW! but hey, you only live once.... I also got some REALLY nice cologne! (yikes, another 90, but hey! I'm on vacation people!)

So it's 6:45 at this point so I grab a drink form the bar and head over to the lounge lookin' SHARP and smelling, if I do say so myself, pretty damn good. :-P

7:30 rolls around, I a pretty patient guy, but what the heck?

The crown casino is also a VERY nice hotel, big surprise, so I wander over to the Concierge and say I just got a urgent call, I need to contact my business Immediately. Hey hurries me over to the Business Center and logs in with one of the hotels accounts and says don't worry about anything, just take care of what you need to. So I log on to facebook and check my message, sure enough they're running late, so I printed out their numbers and strolled out. :-D Fun Fun!

So when I met up with my buddies Tal, Vi, Rose, and Babbs....

We wander over to the craps table! I threw down 50 and walked away with 202 in 15 min. they look on their face was Priceless. :-D

So at 12:00 they said they had to go to catch the last train. BS said I! So at 3something I bribed a cab driver to pack the 5 of us into a cab and drive over to my apartment. :-D It's an adventure. They all bailed at 6ish and I slept in till 1, vacations rule. Then I wandered down to the Internet Cafe while my clothes are in the laundry. That's what's up!

I miss you all tons!! I hope to see you all VERY VERY VERY soon!!

Much Much Love,

p.s. Not spell checked, edited, or even read while writing. Sorry for the chaos.
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