Shaun Meehan (quazzie78) wrote,
Shaun Meehan

Birthday Ramblings

December 14th here at the pole and a lot has been going on over the last few days! At midrats, a half-hour into my birthday, the kitchen staff had made me a cake and we had a little party. It was a lot of fun! And!! I got the coolest present ever. A personalized shovel!

Ice Cube
Andy and I are now working with Ice Cube on deployment, where the Digital Optical Module (DOM – pictured below) are placed 1450 to 2450 meters into the ice. It’s exciting, fast work with a great team, usually once every 3-4 days, for about a day. While deploying, if something went wrong or if something needed to be done outside, the line was “Sounds like a job for a GA” When we would ask why, they would simply respond because it’s cold and dangerous. It’s been a really good time, however we feel out of our element because we are working indoors… kind of. Deployment happens in a makeshift drill station made out of a few heated shipping containers.

The Band!
So every year a few bands spring up out of the random assortment of people here, and this year Andy and I joined up with two drillers from Ice Cube night shift, Melanie and T-Bone. I’m on bass, Andy’s on guitar, T-Bone on the drums, and Melanie on the mandolin. So we’ve played once all together and a few times with 3 of us, and somehow the word got around, and now we’re one of the bands playing at the new years party. It’s gunna be bad.

My package arrived from Tegan, Maile, Anneke, Ashley, and Scottie P! It was filled with everything someone at the South Pole would want. A card that sang ‘Still Crusin’ by the Beach Boys, a trashy romance novel called “Baby, It’s cold outside.” (Honestly, I couldn’t make that up.) and stockings full of goodies and Christmas cheer for Andy and me. You guys are the best!!!!! And thanks Momma T for the birthday card and the chocolate!!!

Now this is just cool. So a sundog is an atmospheric optical phenomenon primarily associated with the reflection or refraction of sunlight by small ice crystals making up cirrus or cirrostratus clouds. Here's some pictures! Enjoy!

That’s the news from the bottom of the world! I hope it’s snowing wherever you are!!

Love always,

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