Shaun Meehan (quazzie78) wrote,
Shaun Meehan

I’m opening this post with a photo of my jobsite, an amazing, untouched, beautiful expanse of snow. Now, to further emphasize the surrealism of this place, I headed inside for lunch after a morning of shoveling snow, pulled my frozen nalgene out of my jacket, walked into the galley, and found lobster and New York strip steak waiting for me. Surf N’ Turf if you will. Overall a fun day at the world’s end.

Postage continued!

This next photo is a picture of Antarctic transportation! The one with the red light in the middle of the three snowmobiles is ours. We’ve lovingly named it “The Hooptie” Keep an eye out for photos, we’re planning on “pimping it out” to use the parlance of our times.


I’m very very very very very excited because a few buddies put together a care package for me and shipped it over thanksgiving break!! Mail is really something to look forward to down here, that and the bi-monthly arrival of freshies!! (fresh fruit and greens)

That's the news from the bottom of the world! Thanks for reading!

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