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CLIMB, CLEAN, MOVIES - Shaun's Adventures
A few more things!!


This is the climbing gym. It's basically awesome. That's Lance trying to figure something out. And a bottle of Jim Beam because when you're a mile off station, helps it keep warm.


Monday is house-mouse day! WOOO! That means at 4:00 we all join our assigned house mouse teams and clean a selected portion of the station, this week my team (team awesome) cleaned the bathrooms of A1 birthing, not epically entertaining but we always seem to make a good time of it.


Holy goodness we've been watching a LOT of movies down here and they seem to be getting weirder and weirder. We stated with the classics, but now it's people freaking out "WHAT?! You haven't seen "____" ?!?! Let's go watch it right now!!"

Anything from "A Fish Called Wanda" to the movie I make people watch "Spun". It's still remarkable how many people haven't seen "Casablanca" so that one is on every now and again.

However we're all relating a bit too much to "Groundhog Day"
However we're all relating a bit too much to "Groundhog Day?"

I'll try and get some REALLY cool pictures together and make this entertaining again.

Much love from the bottom of the world,

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From: crazykaddy Date: June 26th, 2008 04:20 pm (UTC) (Link)


u made me get a blog on this site that I didn't want because youuuuuu don't like anonymous posts!! All I was trying to say is that during my CSU Preview/Orientation, they had the incoming Freshman such as myself join up with a group leader and we had to choose a team name and we chose TEAM AWESOME. So I felt the need to tell you this. lol. Hope all is well!!
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